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PlanetOne comes with 18 modules to help you run your business

Materials Requirement Planning

Provides the ideal foundation for accurate material requirements planning. Monitor stocks and automatically generate order proposals for the purchasing department.

System Admin

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Master Data

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Cost Accounting

Purchase Management

A requisitioning and procurement productivity system that is flexible and scalable to meet your business requirements, providing you the power to enhance, manage, and control every step of your purchasing process.

Sales Management

Optimize the way you make your quotations, approval processes, and the fulfillment of your sales orders. Users can split orders across multiple warehouses; verify credit limits, issue purchase orders related to the specific sales orders, and more.

Accounts Payable

Keep accurate information about money you owe, due dates, and available discounts. Track and take advantage of terms discounts, predicting cash requirements, and tracking payments to make sure they are made only once.

Accounts Receivable

Provides the flexibility to set terms that identify a specific day of the month or a number of days from the invoice date, to be used for calculating document discount and due dates. Thus, providing greater flexibility in establishing accounts receivable collection policies.

General Ledger

The center of PlanetOne ERP’s Manufacturing and Accounting System, where financial accounting transactions are posted, processed, summarized, and reports. This module maintains a record of financial data, to provide you with prompt and accurate information about your business. As well as a complete audit trail of your business transaction.

Material Management

Inventory Management

Guarantee that your customers receive what they want, when they want it, and maximize return on your inventory investment. Provides full functionality coverage on inventory issues such as outgoing orders, receiving stock, returns, backorders, surplus inventory, and dead stock.

Production Planning

Optimize the way you make your production plan to fulfill your sales orders. Users can create several production plans for each business unit in an organization.

Assets Management

Helps companies in asset intensive industries increase return on investments while decreasing costs of operation. Links your asset management, maintenance management, inventory, and purchasing functions together for quick and easy viewing and decision making.

Budget Management

HR Management

Mainly consists of the following functionalities: employee database, working hours database, salary payment database, and analysis report printing.



Replace your cash register and transform your business with a flexible and affordable solution designed for independent retailers.


Provides integrated management of corporate information on customer accounts and contacts, sales leads and opportunities, plus activities such as calls, meetings, and assigned tasks.

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